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Urban China International Observer Programme Recruitment

2017/02/12      Author:Urban China

《城市中国》杂志 “海外观察员项目”已经成功举办了一届。


现在,新一轮 海外观察员项目再次启动,等不及志同道合的你来撕榜!


Urban China International Observer Programme has witnessed a successful year. Young talented scholars from Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Tokyo,London School of Economics and Political Science,  Technische Universiteit Delft, Sciences Po and etc. have hold workshops on behalf of Urban China and discussed over Chinese urban development in a global context. Their insights were published in our magazine and new media platforms.

Now it is time for the second round of Urban China International Observer Programme recruitment. If you are concerned with issues about global cities and want to demonstrate your talents in relative fields, we would like to invite you to join us for building the magnificent platform together. We expect inspiring ideas and debates in various forms, ranging from local workshops, special columns, to joint publication and so on!


The organizer, Urban China, is China’s first magazine focusing on urban issues, dealing with all kinds of urban facets by means of news, stories, reviews, regulations, quotations, dialogues, dictionaries, drawings, cartoons, diagrams, etc. With multifarious textual forms, Urban China is dedicated to provide a “diagrammatic China” in a diversified urban milieu and to make the complexities readable. The office of Urban China is based in Shanghai, with a team composed of top-notch architects, curators, and studios all over the world. Besides, we are seeking cooperation with young architects and researchers.

招募对象 | Requirements


International graduate students / researchers / research assistants specialized in relevant fields of urban issues are all welcomed; since the date of recruitment, your time at universities or research institutions should be no less than 1 year.

招募范围 | Where


Colleges and universities all over the world

招募人数 | Number


We recruit 10 people for the second round of the project

工作内容 | Job description

1.在所在高校组织开展Urban China Workshop—— "UC-PLUS"



1. Organize Urban China Workshop "UC-PLUS" in the university or institution you are in.

2. Submit a proposal or plan before the workshop, and provide records of discussions or research articles after the workshop. Photos of the workshop are also required.

3. Submit column writings about urban observations regularly.

活动收获 | Rewards






1. The recruitment will be published on Urban China Magazine.

2. The article(s) you submit will be published on Urban China in print and on our APP or other media platform of ours.

3. You will become a member of our Expert Team, enjoying the priority of publishing papers / research articles on Urban China and participating in Urban China’s activities / forums.

4.All the supports, resources and necessary funding you need for the workshop are provided by Urban China.

5.Contribution fees are also paid for other published writings or photos.


So, if you are passionate about urban studies and organizing workshops, do not hesitate to contact us. Please email your CV, writing and photographic works to the address at the bottom of the page. Other materials including research interests and portfolios are also helpful for us to learn more about you.

报名时间 | Deadline


Mar.31, 2017

录用通知时间 | Announcement


April 8, 2017

请发邮件至: 00urbanchina@vip.163.com,标题为:应聘海外观察员+姓名+所在学校

Please send the email to 00urbanchina@vip.163.com, with the subject: UC International Observer+Name+University.